Jerry Bridges

Guitars & Backing Vocals

Jerry Bridges began his musical journey singing and playing guitar at the ripe old age of 14 and began fronting his first band, Phantazia, at the age of 15. From there Jerry began expanding his talents by playing Bass Guitar and Guitar for multiple other local area acts in the greater Gastonia area.

Jerry played Bass for a three piece band called “Jus’ Buckit” and eventually transitioned into the role of guitarist and vocalist. He remained a part of this group for over twenty years. Throughout his musical career, Jerry has had the pleasure of sitting in with many bands which further expanded his palette in different areas of music but also allowed him to develop his own writing style where he has written, played, recorded and released his own original material under the name of “Wyntora”.

In Jerry’s spare time he is a devoted Husband and Father, an avid reader and of course a dedicated musician. He is also a Fine Arts graduate in yet another area of talent - painting.

Jerry’s ultimate goal is not to become famous but to be remembered by the legacy he is working to build of who he is and what he loves and stands for!

“Immortality is not only about the afterlife but what you leave behind!”

Equipment List and Endorsements


Schecter C-1 FR S SLS Gibson Les Paul (Limited Edition)
Charvel 375 Delux Model


Marshall 9004 Pre-Amp
4x12 Fane Medusa Cabinet


Boss Delay
Boss Chorus
Boss Harmonizer


D'Addario Lights